Australia’s first dedicated space for FinTech entrepreneurs

In the heart of Sydney CBD

Tyro FinTechHub is Australia’s premier location for start-ups across the full spectrum of fintech. It is located in the heart of Sydney’s financial district in a modernist building, with a generous floorplan and architect-designed fitout.

A space where

  • Founders work and collaborate
  • Companies accelerate
  • Mentors contribute
  • Experts teach
  • Investors discover
  • The FinTech community meets
  • Global contacts are made
  • A place to focus and execute

Built with passion

Tyro itself – one of Australia’s great FinTech success stories – is a great believer that it takes an ecosystem to create the future of financial services and banking. Truly independent and built on passion, Tyro’s FinTechHub enables entrepreneurs to innovate.

Our mission is to help you grow your company

Three levels of membership

We offer three types of memberships, monthly.

Full-time, 10 day and 5 day pricing:

Fulltime — $692
10 Days — $499
5 Days — $281

Exclusive of GST.

All memberships include

  • 24/7 secure access
  • Comfortable work space
  • Wireless internet and printing
  • Meeting and board room use
  • Rooftop terrace with harbour views
  • Showers/change rooms/lockers
  • Secure bike storage rooms

Great facilities

We don’t discriminate between part-time and full-time memberships – our full range of benefits is made available to all our members. And memberships are month to month, giving you great flexibility. All we ask is that you be prepared to become a part of our community.

What our members say about us

“A great location with awesome facilities to get you focused on growing your business.”

“I’ve been blown away by the professionalism, wisdom and care of the running the Tyro Fintech Hub.”

“They understand what it’s like to be a start-up and to disrupt large established players.”

Scott Morrison on the government’s vision of FinTech

Friday June 17th 2016

Greg Hunt visits the Tyro FinTechHub

Thursday August 18th 2016


Tyro does not invest in startups. Tyro’s focus is on providing support to startups by offering subsidised space and hiring entrepreneurs to run the space.

There is no expectation of working with Tyro. The Tyro Fintech Hub is quite independent of Tyro.

This is something Tyro is keen to do, however only a very few companies will be selected to work with Tyro in this way.

Not at all. The Hub is here for any startup wanting to do something good in fintech.

Tyro gets dozens of requests each week from companies wanting to market to its clients. If your service fits with Tyro’s strategy and you can make a compelling business case then Tyro is all ears. However being a member of the hub doesn’t lower the bar in any way.

We think hubs should generally be reserved for earlier stage companies. If you have ten in your team, well, let’s have a chat, but maybe you’re ready to go out on your own?

We’re about collaboration and community, and walls don’t contribute to that, so we haven’t put any up. The hub can only be accessed with a proximity key, and we have further security measures in place, but our floor is open plan.

We don’t have a rule along those lines. But we get where you’re coming from. Come in and let’s chat about it.